Frequently Asked Questions

How does Snapqube work?

It’s simple. You (by yourself or with as many as ten of your friends and family members) walk into the photo booth, touch the screen, let loose and have fun! Guests have a blast, and love their personalized favors!

How does the Snapqube Keepsake Album work?

We bring all supplies needed, and guests receive two copies each time they go in the booth, one for them and one for the album. We’ll be there throughout the entire event to help your guests and to make sure your album is truly memorable. You’ll then receive yourKeepsake Album at the end of your event.

What is the Photobooth Slideshow?

Every SnapQube photobooth has an external monitor that plays a rotating slideshow of pictures that have been taken throughout your event. We can even play a slideshow of personal photos. Slideshows run during your party and are no additional cost to you.

Do photos print on the spot?

Yes, your photos print within seconds, right there!

Will someone from Snapqube be at my event?

Yes. We’ll be there the entire time, helping you and your guests take full advantage of this awesome party favor!

Do I get unlimited photos during my event?

Yes, there is no limit; guests can take as many photos as they like!

Do guests get a choice of black-and white or color?

Yes, each guest enters the photo booth, he or she (or they) will have the option to have photos taken in either color or black-and-white.

How is SnapQube different from other photobooth companies?
  • Our modern photobooth is a professional piece of equipment. (We like to call it an awesome party favor!)
  • SnapQube was designed to be part of your event.
  • Our photobooth can accommodate up to 10 guests at a time.
  • Our photobooth is handicap accessible.
  • SnapQube is locally owned and operated. We handle everything for you and can be contacted with just one phone call.
  • SnapQube has incorporated a flash in our photobooth so the pictures can be enlarged without pixilation or graininess.
  • Our photobooth has a 19” touchscreen, which gives your guests an awesome party experience.
  • Our photobooth has an external monitor mounted on the side, which can play a slideshow of the pictures that have been taken during your event.
  • SnapQube is the only photobooth to offer a social media option! Have your pictures emailed to you immediately after taking them, and then with a touch of a button, upload your pictures to Facebook or Twitter.
  • We are committed to providing you with outstanding service. We understand the importance of every detail for your event.
Will I get a copy of all the pictures from my event?

Absolutely! You will recieve a copy of all the individual and strip photos. Your guests can also use the online gallery and download their photos for free!

Can you accommodate an outdoor event?

Yes, if weather is permitting. Otherwise, shelter is required in case of rain or severe wind.

What are the photobooth dimensions?

Our open air photo booth is 8x10 feet and our regular photobooth is 6x6 feet.

What’s the difference between your photobooth and the old-fashioned ones?
  • Easy. Superior picture quality. We use precision photo printing for better quality prints.
  • SnapQube allows for standing photos, perfect for small groups of people at an event (accommodating multiple faces in a picture). Old-fashioned booths take tight headshots and can only fit one to two people.
  • Guests can choose between black-and-white or color photos, per session.
  • Our photos print instantly. Old-fashioned booths require guests to wait up to seven minutes for their picture to print out.
  • With SnapQube, you can save photos on a High-Resolution CD or USB flash drive and reprint your favorite photos.
  • It costs much less to rent a SnapQube photobooth than an old-fashioned photobooth. This is because our delivery process is simple. Old-fashioned booths can weigh over 800 pounds. The cost to transport such a bulky item is passed on to you. Our mobile photobooths are transported with ease.

Other Questions?

We are happy to meet with you and discuss package information and sample photos. To reserve your date with SnapQube, contact us today by clicking here or calling 757‑774‑7823. And have fun!